Saturday, December 20, 2008

2nd draft: Reading

Sorry for the late post.

Waking up from the sleep, I looked around the room and sigh deeply. My sister did not turn off the lights again. What a pain. Sitting down on the bed, I started searching my phone but it is nowhere to be seen. Then my eyes fall on the books on the table. Grinning stupidly, I opened the books and flipped through it. It looked like I slept on the book again. I put the book aside and started to lie down on the bed again. My past memory started to play in my mind. Before this, I would never read any thick books before I sleep. Recently it started to change.

I still remember, during my childhood, I did not like reading. I only read when examination was coming. That’s all. I did not find any pleasure in reading books. Moreover, it was very difficult to get books that could arouse my interest. My mother did buy books for me. It worked only for a moment before I throw the books away from me. The main reason why I did that was because the plots were not interesting (Sorry mom!). It was about fairy tales, legendary and many more. That was the usual themes that I always found the book.

However, when I was in standard 4, I found the new lights in reading. All the hopelessness world had been replaced with the world of fun and creativity. The love of reading started to grow inside of me. The funny thing was my love of reading was not on ordinary books, but on comics. For me, comics had everything that I wanted in my reading. It had illustrations, simple sentences, interesting plots, creative, unexpected and many more. I did not remember how I started reading comics and bought them. But I know my younger brothers were the one influenced me in reading comic and I enjoyed it very much. Every month I will save my money to buy it. I even co-operated with my younger brothers to buy comics. Each of us would buy different comics that it was interesting. Then the three of us would exchange it. Remembering it right now could not stop me from giggling since it was so funny.

Then, my parents discovered and got angry. One of my beloved comics was thrown into fire by my father in front of me. I was crying that time when my father did that and I hate him so much. However, that did not make me stop from buying comics. Well, I was a bit stubborn and did not care what would happen if my father discovered it. This time, my brothers and I planned to buy it secretively. Fortunately, it worked and we kept all the books in secret place after all. My mother nagged to me all the time when she found out that I read comics. Even until now. She said that comic would make my language became worse. And she was not lying. My language became worse since I read comics. That was the main reason why I did not get any A’s with language subjects. Even with my own native language subjects. What to do! I love comics more than I love the subjects.

I used to try reading any type of books instead of comics such as magazines, newspaper, story books, novel and many more. It just worked only for a moment before I started to read comics again. The other books did not appeal me enough. Maybe none of them was really my type. Plus, I had a perception that thick books were not interesting. This reading habit continued when I furthered my studies in college. I made new friends there and surprisingly many of them loved comics so much. But there was only one of them that I could not forget. She knew everything about comics and when both of us started talking, none of our friends could stop us. We could discuss it everywhere including on the stairs in the middle of the night.

One day, she introduced me to an English novel; a very thick one. The book entited The Pirate and The Pagan was written by Virginia Henley. She said that it was very interesting and suggested it to me. At first, I was quite reluctant to take it from her since I did not like reading English novel. Moreover, my English was bad and the book was too thick for me to read and finish it. Plus, it pained me a lot to open the dictionary if I did not understand the words. However I accepted it because I did not want to hurt her. So I borrowed from her. At first, I just ignored the books. But later I read it since I was really bored. Amazingly, I found out that books was interesting and managed to finish it within 5 days. I did not even go to sleep just to finish it. That was the first English novel that I ever read.

When I entered university, I started to read English books. Although I did not read it everyday, but I started to love it. I borrowed books from my friends. For the moment, I started to read the thin one. It’s not I did not have any gut to read the thick ones. Besides, it was difficult to find thick books that really catered my pleasure in reading. So I asked some of my friends who love reading and they suggested a few good and enjoyable books. Since than, I’m quite addicted to this kind of habit. From that moment, comics started to disappear from my life. This was maybe because it was difficult to get comics when I was in university. Besides, I was quite busy and the only time that I got to read the comics was during the term break.

Thinking deeply now, reading has become a part of my life. Starting from comics, to English novel, I found reading is a good way to enjoy my free time. I love it especially when I easily got absorb into the books and did not realize that the time has been past quickly. Although sometime I have troubles in understanding certain words, it become easily, understand when I read it deeply. Plus, I take time in reading a book since I read word to word. What to do…that is my style after all. Anyhow, no matter how long I take time in reading, how choosy am I in selecting books, I love reading.


lupikirlah sendiri said...

Sigh? Is nowhere? Before I throw? All the hopelessness world, creativity shud be used cos all nouns there, unexpected what? That it was interesting,u can make it better, borrowed from her? Is it correct?, it become easily? Or maybe u can change it to easier to understand, got absorb or got absorbed? Those are something that I want u to look at, I don’t really know they are mistakes or not or maybe my style of writing is different, just figure it out.. overall I think ur essay can be polished until it is free from any flaws and mistakes, the rest of them are fine, very good keep it up!!

onekyh said...

That was the usual themes that I always found the book. should be That was/were the usual themes that I always found from the books.

"I found the new lights in reading"..light is uncountable noun.. i would suggest u use this "i could feel that at last/I could see the light at the end of the tunnel"

All the hopelessness world had been replaced with the world of
fun and creativity.
i suggest that "The hopeless world of mine before had been replaced with fun and creativity"

inside of me.. i think that inside me only, not sure but better check.

interesting plots, creative, unexpected and many more. can be interesting and unexpected events/plots.

the one influenced me.. should be the one who influenced me.

"I will save my money to buy it", here should used past tense and "my" can be omitted.. "I would save money to buy it"..

"Each of us would buy different comics that it was interesting" should be "each of us would buy different comics that was interesting/appealing to us."

newspaper, should add -s mewspapers.

since than should be since then.

These I can help u a bit, maybe u can check later for others. However, u have improved from the first draft. Keep up the good work!

hanmie7227 said...

thanks for such good comments.ganbarimasu!!!!

babysbreath said...

Uwahhh.... I don't know what to comment. Any ideas?

All have been said by lupikir and onekyh...

What i can say is that you have bring yourself into the essay... i see ur animated face when reading the essay...

Your choice of words, your sentence structure reveals the person you are...

You may need to thoroughly check for several mistakes. (I have to do that too)

Well done!! Ganbatte nee...

yagami said...

I have to agree with lupkirlah sendiri and onekyh that certain terms are not appropriately used such as "all the hopelessnesss world"
"new lights in reading"